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Drea Cohane Edits

Freelance Literary Editor

Upon completing the Publishing program at Toronto Metropolitan University, Drea started as an editorial intern at The Rights Factory and was quickly promoted to Associate Agent. With a decade of editorial experience under her belt, Drea's speciality lies in the developmental edit; if there are any structural flaws or inconsistencies - she will spot them. Having worked as a book agent, she knows what a polished manuscript looks like, and is here to help.

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Editorial Services

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Manuscript Assessments

Drea offers narrative assessments, as well as developmental assessments on partial manuscripts - typically the first 3 chapters. 

Narrative assessment of a partial MS consists of an editorial report,

highlighting any major issues with plot/characters/POV and suggestions for improving the overall arc of the story.  

The cost for a narrative assessment is 

$250 CAD.

Developmental assessment of a partial MS contains an in-depth review, addressing any structural flaws or inconsistencies in plot, characterization, pacing, voice, as well as a big picture overview. Clients receive a detailed editorial report with annotated feedback.  

The cost for a developmental assessment is $400 CAD.


Manuscript Editing

Drea offers full manuscript proofreading and developmental edits. Similar to the three chapter developmental assessment, the developmental edit will include annotated feedback on the entire MS, with detailed insights into any structural issues pertaining to plot/characterization/pacing/voice and will focus on finessing the overall arc of the narrative, with the end result being a polished manuscript ready for submission.

The hourly rate is $30 CAD.


General Edits

Editorial services are available for: 

- press releases

- website content

- resumes and cover letters

- social media & blog posts

The hourly rate for these services is

$25 CAD.

Michael Wuitchik,

author of My Heart Is Not My Own

"I cannot recommend Drea highly enough. She is a natural and supportive editor–a big picture thinker and a strong advocate of my work."

Linda Coggin,

author of The Boy with the Tiger’s Heart

“Drea worked with me a couple of years ago on a new book I’d written for teenagers called The Dark Horse. She came in at the very beginning of the writing project and her ideas and suggestions were fantastic. This was a new genre for me and she was able to steer me through with her insight and knowledge of teenage literature. I found her lovely to work with and she worked very hard on the manuscript coming back with her edits and ideas very quickly. She has a vast knowledge of the publishing industry and is herself extremely well read. I enjoyed the time we spent on the book very much and learnt a great deal from her.”

Sam Hiyate,

President of The Rights Factory

“Drea has done brilliant editorial work for the agency. She worked for the agency as an editorial and administrative assistant on a number of projects before establishing her own list. Most notable has been her work with writer Michael Wuitchik, whose draft manuscript for My Heart is Not My Own she worked on and after some solid edits, found a home for him with Penguin Canada.”


Kitchener, ON


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